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Every parent deserves to have a strong relationship with their child, whether they may be married to one another, living separately, or not married to each other. If you are on the brink of filing for divorce, your priority should be your child’s well-being. Davis and Associates is the best option if you want to work with a professional and experienced Montgomery child custody attorney to handle your case.

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When taking on any child custody case, we ensure that the law protects your relationship with your child. Let us know whether you want to fight for joint custody or force an unwilling parent to follow the child custody agreement. We’ll use our expertise and all the legal resources to get the most favorable custody order possible. We will also try our best to streamline the case and ensure you can make ideal legal decisions as the case progresses.

We will also tailor our legal services to suit your case because each child custody case is unique. Let us know no matter what targets you want us to achieve, and we will do our best to fight for the ideal outcome for you and your child.

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Montgomery Child Custody

In Texas, child custody is called ‘conservatorship,’ The parent considered the ‘conservator’ has the legal right to decide for the child. From where they will stay, which medical facility they should go to, where they will study, to which parent should handle a certain issue, the conservator has full control.

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Usually, child custody can be one of two types of custody arrangements in Texas. The first type is when a court appoints both parents to have a degree of access to the child or joint managing conservatorship. The second type of custody is when a court appoints one parent to have sole custody of the child or sole managing conservatorship.

Even if a joint managing conservatorship is ordered, the rights of both parents may not be equally shared depending on the court’s assessment.

In Texas, visitation arrangements or “access and possession” is provided to a person “possessory conservator” who has joint managing conservatorship but does not live with the child. If visitation rights are requested, the person requesting must be able to provide the child with the care they need. The court sets up a visitation plan or a standard possession order.

Davis and Associates can help you fight for sole or joint custody. Our Montgomery child custody attorney can also help you make the process less stressful. If there is a need to appeal the child custody arrangement, we can handle the necessary paperwork and represent your case in court.

Determining Child Custody

Under Texas family law, a child has the right to contact their father and mother regularly as it is in their best interests. Because of this, a judge would most often order a joint managing conservatorship unless it can be proven that it will not benefit the child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

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The court will frequently check the health of both parents, as well as their conduct, household stability, and behavior toward their children when determining child custody. The child’s choice will also be considered, especially if they are old enough to choose.

It can be hard to guarantee the result of any court case, even if the lawyer is experienced in handling any case you may be involved in. But, at Davis and Associates, we will do our best to protect your child’s interest. They get the best custodial agreement that will help them immensely in their development.

We are an experienced Montgomery, TX family law firm that has assisted families in getting the ideal custody arrangement to the best of our abilities. You can also trust us to contest the child custody arrangements if there is just cause to question it.

Custody Modification and Enforcement

It is possible that current child custody arrangements need to be modified due to the changed status of the custodial parent or the child’s current needs. An appeal must be filed before the court for them to consider the request and order its change. The appeal must show that the changes will be in the child’s best interests and that the situation has shifted greatly since the order was issued.

Divorce 300x200 1 Montgomery Child Custody AttorneyOur Montgomery child custody attorneys are ready to assist you with all the legal support and resources you need to file for child custody modification. We will do our best to make the process less stressful for you and your child and work with the other party to create an optimal child custody plan that will fit your current lifestyle and situation. Our attorneys will also defend your case fiercely to increase the chances of getting your desired agreement.

In terms of child custody enforcement, you can count on us to inform the court about any issues you are facing with your child’s non-abiding parent. We know how important it is for children to have their parents’ support to grow as well-rounded individuals. We will ensure that the disobliging parent is punished with the right legal action and that they fulfill their obligations under the custody order.

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Davis and Associates is always ready to help you fight for your rights as a parent and protect your child’s rights to live a normal life despite the divorce proceedings. We will do our best to ensure they still receive their parents’ support, even if the other parent can only see them on certain dates and times. Our experienced and professional family attorneys are always ready to guide you through the proceedings and even help you with enforcement and modification requests if needed.

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