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Hockley Domestic Violence

One of the most complicated legal cases out there is domestic violence. Aside from the fact that many are not entirely certain about the coverage of the term “domestic violence,” feelings of shame and fear typically hinder people who want to report these cases, let alone go through its legal process. For such a sensitive case, you need a law firm that understands the complexities of domestic violence. Get a seasoned domestic violence lawyer from our Hockley, TX law firm, Davis and Associates.

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We are a well-trusted law firm providing top-quality legal services to people from all walks of life for many years. We find the best legal solutions for each client we work with, depending on the specifics of their case. Rest assured that the victim’s safety is our top priority before anything else. This extends even during meetings, litigation proceedings, and other legal processes.

If there is any abuse you think you or someone else is facing from people of the same household, never hesitate to contact the authorities. Davis and Associates’s Hockley domestic violence lawyers are here to help protect you and secure your legal rights against such abuses. We can discuss all your needs with privacy during our free consultation.

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Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse between romantically involved couples is the most common of all cases. But other situations, such as parent-to-children or even son-to-old-father, can also happen.

guy 2617866 1920 300x200 Hockley Domestic ViolenceThe Texas Family Code defines domestic violence as any act by a person that was intentionally or recklessly done to cause harm to one of their household members. This can range from actual physical injurious acts and sexual abuse to threats.

Domestic violence is not limited to people with romantic or marital relations. It can be convicted of someone either blood-related or affinity-related to the victim. The offender commits domestic violence if they are the victims:

1. Spouse
2. Former spouse
3. Adopted children
4. Foster children
5. Foster parents
6. Children
7. Grandchildren
8. Parents
9. Grandparents
10. Siblings
11. Aunts and uncles
12. Cousins

Family violence is done by a person to someone they live or previously lived with. Dating violence, in contrast with family violence, is between people who are romantically related. This applies whether or not they live in the same residence.

Texas state law categorizes domestic violence into three types: domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, and continuous violence against the family.

Domestic assault. The penalty for this type depends on the history of the convict. If they have any prior domestic assault convictions, the case will be a third-degree felony. Otherwise, it will only be a class A misdemeanor.

Aggravated domestic assault. This type is typically a second-degree felony. If the situation involves a deadly weapon and results in serious bodily injuries, it will be categorized as a first-degree felony.

Continuous violence against the family. This type is a third-degree felony. It is when a person commits two cases of domestic assault within a year, regardless if the second one is done on a different victim or if the first one did not end in an arrest.

Legal Protection From Violence

We are here to gain your trust from the beginning. Davis and Associates has a seasoned legal team of experts on Hockley domestic violence cases. We are committed not just to the legal services that our clients need but mostly to the protection, safety, well-being, and comfort that our services can provide.

domestic violence segment 300x199 Hockley Domestic ViolenceOne of the best legal actions we can file for the protection of our clients is a court-supported protective order that accords with your case. We also have different types of protective orders:

Temporary ex parte order. We can file this emergency order for your immediate protection once we’ve learned about your situation. This can protect you and your family for up to 20 days, which can be extended depending on the situation. More importantly, the court does not need the presence of the abuser to approve this order.

Permanent protective order. This lasts for much longer, typically up to 2 years. The duration of this order is typically stated in the order. But if it is not, it will expire in exactly two years. On the other hand, if there is a valid reason, this protective order can be extended, especially if the court thinks domestic violence might still happen.

Magistrate’s order for emergency protection. This order, which typically lasts for 31 to 61 days, is generally applied to many situations, such as sexual abuse, sexual assault, indecent assault, stalking, or family violence. It can be filed after the arrest of an abuser. However, if the case involved a deadly weapon, the magistrate would issue this order even without anyone filing it. In such a case, the order can last up to 91 days.

For any of these documents, we will handle every legal aspect. This is so you can focus on your well-being and comfort. We will do everything we can to win your case and bring the offenders to justice.

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For every Hockley, TX domestic violence case we handle, we ensure that the victim’s safety is the direction of every action we take from the start to the end. Regardless if you think your case against a domestic violence offender is blurry, don’t hesitate to call us for legal help.

You can trust that Davis and Associates’s team of domestic violence experts can provide every legal service you need with professionalism, excellence, skill, compassion, and understanding. We will receive your call and do the immediate necessary action as soon as possible.

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