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Splendora Divorce Lawyer

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Splendora Divorce Lawyer

You likely have the immediate impression that divorce is a trying experience that you want to avoid at all costs. If you find yourself in this predicament, you face a long legal battle culminating in the dissolution of your marriage. This can range from child custody agreements to asset division and more. The other party may have a vested interest in painting you as the villain. This is why having your own trusted Splendora legal representation is paramount.

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Davis and Associates helps make divorce cases easy to understand and will help you achieve a positive resolution of your case. We can help you compile all the documents and evidence that are needed. We’ll give you pertinent legal advice to help you make key decisions about issues like child support, child custody, asset division, and alimony.

A Splendora divorce lawyer can handle negotiations and appear in court on your behalf in many instances. Having professional legal representation will help your case proceed smoothly and eliminates the chance of misfilings or errors.

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Dedicated Divorce Support

While there is an established legal process regarding divorce cases in Texas’ family law, not all cases are the same. If both parties consent to the divorce and want it to happen right away, some cases may be resolved instantly. Others may be complicated, contentious, and messy regardless of the impact on all parties.

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Our Splendora divorce lawyers at Davis and Associates are always ready to guide you through this tough legal battle and be your staunchest legal representative. We will be with you from start to finish, fighting for the best outcomes for you and your loved ones.

If your former spouse is against making any divorce agreement or adhering to one, our lawyers can help you get the order enforced. You can also count on us to help you gather all the necessary documents for property and asset division, and spousal and child support. We can also step in as your legal representative during court proceedings so you don’t have to face your former spouse alone.

Child Custody and Child Support

When handling child custody or child support cases, we are committed to fighting for a resolution that puts the child’s well-being first.

Our divorce lawyers consider all the lifestyle and life factors that go into calculating the total amount of child support. We also discuss the different types of custody and visitation rights to determine which suits the child’s needs and develop the best. We strive to make sure your children are awarded the financial support needed for them to live well and thrive. If the paying parent fails to pay on time and in full, we can help you file the proper enforcement actions. Furthermore, we can also apply for child support modification as your child’s needs change.

If you are the parent tasked to pay for child support, we can help you appeal the amount if you feel it was computed incorrectly.

Meanwhile, during child custody cases, we ensure that all factors are considered, such as illness, abuse, and lack of resources. We will also advocate for your rights and ensure all parties respect any time-sharing and custody orders.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Whether you are seeking alimony or required to pay it, Davis and Associates can help you achieve the best resolution for the case. If you seek spousal support, we will work to get you the right amount on time. Meanwhile, if you are the one who has to pay spousal support and feel the amount is unjustified, our legal team can help in these instances, as well.

Houston alimony casesIn Texas, a party can request one of the three types of spousal support during or after a divorce, and they are:

  • Temporary spousal support – This support is granted to a party while the divorce proceedings are still ongoing. The amount will depend on the needs of the receiving party.
  • Spousal maintenance – This type of spousal support is given after the divorce as temporary rehabilitative support for the less fortunate spouse. The amount and duration vary depending on the minimum needs of the receiving spouse and the course of the marriage.
  • Contractual alimony – This is a beneficial agreement between both parties and is not ordered by the court. It is often selected for various reasons: from mitigating the paying party’s tax obligations and property division to the fact that cash may not be available at the time of the divorce.

Asset and Property Division

Aside from child or spouse custody and support, asset and property division can make divorce cases harder to resolve for many reasons. It could be because of the value of specific properties, the number of assets and properties that can go to each party, and the overall number of properties that will be divided. Whether you are the party who brought more assets to the marriage or not, we will fight for a fair and just solution.

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Davis and Associates’s Splendora divorce lawyers can help you gather all the key documents regarding all the assets and properties that will be considered during the case. We can help you determine which ones are rightfully yours, which can be used as leverage, and identify their overall value. If any hidden assets and properties should be included in the case, we can help you find them and get their value.

Some of the assets and properties we can help you locate, value, and divide include the following:

  1. Real estate
  2. Professional practices
  3. Insurance policies
  4. Financial accounts
  5. Privately and publicly held businesses or companies
  6. Foreign assets
  7. Stocks

We can also help you with asset and property distribution for pension and retirement plans and other long-term assets.

Business Owner, High-Value or High-Profile Divorce

Divorce is complicated, but resolving the case may take an even longer time for high-profile couples or those who own multiple businesses.

Fortunately, you can streamline the case with the help of our divorce lawyers. Our attorneys are trained to handle any type of divorce, including high-profile, high-value, and business-owner divorce cases. We can help clients locate, identify and document the value of the assets and properties that will be included in the divorce proceedings, such as:

  1. Domestic and foreign real estate
  2. Trust funds
  3. Life insurance policies, proceeds, and annuities
  4. All financial accounts
  5. Patents and other intellectual property
  6. Public and privately held companies
  7. Stock options and employee benefit plans
  8. Pensions, retirement accounts, and severance packages
  9. Professional partnerships and practices
  10. Oil and mineral ownership and royalties

Are you worried about your identity getting out during the case? We will handle your case carefully and take care that no details about you are released to the public as the case progresses. We will also ensure your assets are protected, and that you receive the ones you truly own and deserve.

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Our Splendora, TX law firm understands how complicated divorce cases can get, and if you do not know your way around Texas’ family law on divorce proceedings, you may end up getting a case result that doesn’t match your interests and that of your family.

With us as your legal representative and support, you can avoid the pitfalls of having your interests ignored and fight for your rights and ideal result. We will handle your case carefully, and all the information you provide will only be used for your case and nowhere else. We can also answer your legal concerns as the case proceeds and help you plan your future once the divorce process is complete.

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